Thursday, October 1, 2009

finally in jerusalem

I landed in Israel a couple days ago. There's so much to say about the trip thus far. This land, this country, is so important to so many people. On my flight into Tel Aviv, an American-Jewish man began to weep as soon as we could see the Mediterranean run into the city's coastline through the cabin window. People on the flight even began to clap and cheer as soon as we touched down in Israel - something I've never seen before.

Jerusalem itself is such an odd mix, with the very religious (of three different religions) and the very secular living so close together. You see a little paradox almost everywhere you go - in my neighborhood there's a bar right on the edge of a pretty staunchly religious orthodox community. Anyway, it's pretty early to comment too much on the city itself. I've been here for such a short time...

I started at the AP today. It was great, despite a little problem getting my gov't press card. I'm going in tomorrow because Israel is set to release 20 Palestinian women prisoners in exchange for a video proving an IDF soldier captured by Hamas is still alive. So there's bound to be some news.

So, here are some shots I took my first couple days here. They're mostly from the Old City and the Shuk (market).

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