Thursday, December 3, 2009

Settlement blowout

I spent a little bit of time in Jewish settlements over the past couple of days reporting on the fallout from the government's declaration of a 10-month settlement freeze. Settler leaders, infuriated, have vowed to keep building, organizing demonstrations and protests against the government's decision. Many have even barred government inspectors from entering their communities. Here's a story the AP did yesterday that I did some reporting on.

And here are some photos from the settlements Har Gilo and Efrat from the past couple of days:

Outside Har Gilo

A Palestinian construction worker building in Har Gilo

Settler leaders pour cement for a new structure in defiance of the new settlement freeze in Efrat

A settlement leader pouring cement in Efrat

Families in the settlement of Efrat came by to cheer on the symbolic act of defiance

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